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Fresh Start Cleaning CT LLC's mission is to become the leading supplier of janitorial services in The United States by providing the industries highest level of customer satisfaction available. We will relentlessly pursue the customers objective of a clean and healthy work environment. Whether your property is a 50,000 Sq Ft Medical Facility, a 1 Million Sq Ft Warehouse, or a 1500 Sq Ft house we will always provide cleanliness, safety, and excellence at an inexpensive price!


Here at Fresh Start Cleaning we believe a fully detailed plan is the best approach to cleaning any property. Our experienced staff will create a plan of action solely based on your wants and needs. We want you (The Customer) to be in full control of detailing the scope of work. No job is to big or small for our staff. You request it, We get it done as you focus on running your business.



No matter what time of day or night it is, our cleaning technicians will work around the clock to ensure that your property is clean at all times. We know circumstances change and we stand ready, willing, and able to adjust to the cleaning needs of your home or business at a moment's notice. We answer "the 3am call".



When cleaning any property we are sure to always use cleaning products from brands that you know and trust. Our inventory includes: Simple Green, Pine-Sol, ZEP, Lysol, Mr. Clean, Arm & Hammer, Windex,  and more. We keep our customers fully informed as to what products we are using so that they are sure there is no harm to their staff or visitors.


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When Dshaun and his cleaning staff came in, they were enthusiastic, and ready to work. We are happy to have Fresh Start Cleaning here at our facility.

Dr. Rochelle Collins -Living Well Primary Care